At the Spa Buzz we find ourselves traveling everywhere. So when we were approached to review the Mirage Passport collection, our team was on board. The glosses are available in a lovely assortment of colors: Cruise includes Cancun, Malibu and St Tropez. First class has Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York. Jetsetter contains Barcelona, Florence and Paris. Finally, Cross Country is a great mix… including Las Vegas, Hilton Head, Malibu, New Orleans and New York...Read Full Review

-The Spa Buzz

"I am in love with this gloss and so is every other girl who sees me using it! There hasn't been one moment where I haven't heard a gasp over what the gloss is that I am using. Absolutely brilliant idea, I can't wait to try a new shade!"

-Nicole Marie Ruiz

I absolutely LOVE my mirage lip gloss. I use it every day and I carry it around with me everywhere I go. It feels so good on my lips, and I'm definitely going to keep using it. Having the mirror and light is so convenient for when I don't feel like going to the bathroom to reaply. This stuff is AMAZING!


I absolutely love Mirage lip gloss! Because I’m always on the go, the mirror is very useful!

-Kimberlee Howard

I'm looking forward to the package, Gwen.  I had to give my Mirage Lip Gloss to my cousin when I was visiting in Chicago last month!  She wouldn't part with it once she played with the light on the tube.

Everyone who sees the Mirage Lip Gloss has to have it.  I even put it on when I don't need it - just so I can show it off!

-Susan Cole

I just love the Mirage lip gloss, first things first let’s talk about the packaging. What an idea!! It has a light that comes on when you press the top and a mirror as well on the tube so everything is at your fingertips. And the lip gloss itself goes on smooth and is not sticky. Gives a more softer look to the lip versus wet looking. I really enjoyed working with this product as the final touch for the destination looks.

As a pro Makeup artist I am excited to be using Mirage Lip Gloss not only on my models but for myself. What I luv about it is the cashmere feel that it leaves on my lips. It photographs beautifully and is the only gloss I use professionally and personally. GS

-Timothy Cabell

Tonight at a bar I took out my Mirage lip gloss and used the light with the mirror and got A LOT OF ATTENTION! I told the girl more about it and where your shop is. Apparently the light function is very interesting :)

-Layla Mayville

I finally went by the Pretty Woman Day Spa in Bluffton, SC and bought my very own mirage lip gloss! I bought the Color "New York" LOVE IT

-Simply Savannah Events

I love Mirage for so many reasons! Whether it's all the great shades that take you to exotic destinations as you put them on. Or the good for you ingredients that make you lips feel like they are getting a mini treatment. Or how it gets you noticed when applying using the LED light and side mirror... It's all good


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